February 23, 2013

Hard Rock staycation

Thanks to Baba, we got a brief staycation at the Hard Rock Hotel this weekend. He had a 2 night stay so between me and Swana we took one night each.

We met for dinner at Din Tai Fung and then he helped us to check in. Nick had NATAS so he was unable to join us but me and Ma stayed over with the girls last night.
We had a simple breakfast of Breadtalk buns which I brought along and after breakfast, Swana, Gigi and Kevin joined us for a swim. The pool was nice and empty but the water was a little cold.

My girls stayed in their floats and didn’t want to try the slide at the kids pool. Nat did it once only, with me but couldn’t be persuaded to go again because she felt the floor leading up to the stairs was too dirty for her bare feet…so kuniang!

Sasha slipped at one point, dunking her face in the baby pool though she had a float on, but that traumatized her and she didn’t really want to get wet after that. Such unadventurous girls I have!!!

After showering we had lunch at the Hard Rock CafĂ©, and celebrated Lita’s birthday at the same time. The crew presented her with a sundae and sang her a song and she was so embarrassed because all eyes in the restaurant were on her.
The girls all napped in the afternoon, so did all the adults except me and I was treated to a chorus of snores!
For dinner, we headed to Melissa and Derong’s new house in Punggol. Nicely done and there was a steamboat dinner prepared for us. 
Nat was too shy to play with the other children and clung to me all evening probably because she had been reprimanded on the way over. She said some bad words unknowingly in the car ride over which shocked us all.

In essence, she just went, “Mummy, mummy, cheelaka bitch” thinking it was some new cool words but she didn’t expect my stern reaction. I ddin’t scold her but wanted to find out where she learnt the words from and unsurprisingly she heard it from Mama Kim! Tsk tsk.  

Poor Sasha puked on Aunty Geraldine just as we reached home. Milk and long car rides just don’t mix for her!

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