February 16, 2013

It's a ...

Guess what? We’re definitely having a boy!
Went for the detailed scan this morning at Radlink clinic in Paragon and after the ultrasound technician scanned my stomach for almost an hour checking every last detail of Jr, she confirmed the sex of the baby. Now I can start shopping, although boys clothes just don’t hold any appeal!

Picked up the kids to have lunch and they weren’t too pleased about having a brother, I think Gigi and Nat were having a sort of competition to see who would get a girl!

Nick had to work in the evening and we had a temple wedding to attend. I think it’s one of the simplest ceremonies I’ve been too, as the couple opted not to do the full works.

The bride Vimita is my 3rd cousin (our grandmas were 1st cousins), if she looks familiar to you, that’s because she’s a journalist on CNA and the groom is from MediaCorp too, a fellow journalist with TODAY, named Derrick. 

Nat loved the colours of the wedding, she’s like me…Indian weddings are always such colourful affairs. Sasha covered her ears half the time, afraid of the trumpet and drums. I need to get them proper Indian outfits for such occasions, they wore Indian-inspired dresses from Monsoon.

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