February 9, 2013

Let the feasting begin!

It’s Reunion dinner day and since we didn’t have plans till the evening, we brought the girls out to Sentosa with the intention of going to the beach. But the Sentosa Flower Show was on and parts of Siloso closed off so we headed towards Palawan instead.
Gigi joined us with her new scooter and Kavi also came, along with Ananya, Reagan and Riley. Found a small water play area that kept the kids occupied for a good half hour, but that also meant they got really wet and we only had one extra set of clothes which went to Sasha because she was wetter!
Nick suggested lunch at Wave House because it was in the vicinity and guess who we bumped into there? Colin and co, and Jerome and Sylvia etc. They were celebrating Zach’s birthday. 
I saw a really nice blue butterfly that I was chasing around, managed to get one shot in.
Dinner was at AMK, we all chipped in with the steamboat ingredients and Mildred had a yusheng prepared. Aunty Lillian joined too and I showed off the new bling and told Mildred I ‘ketuked’ her son, and she said it was OK! Ha ha

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