February 1, 2013

Nat approaches 5

Just a few days till Nat turns 5 and I’ve succeeded in kicking her back to her own room with minimum fuss! Sasha is with her too so I guess they don’t mind so much because they have company…my days of co-sleeping are over! At least for now!

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Nick had a bad flu and didn’t want them to catch his bug so he insisted they stay away from him. Even I slept on a mattress on the floor. The first night, Nat came over around 3am, the second day about 7am and by Day 3 she stayed put and I think relishes her own space now.

Had to incentivize them a little too by redecorating their room while Nick was out of town. Gave it a fresh coat of paint, bought Sasha a matching bed, new sheets, new curtains, new ceiling fan and new pictures on the wall.
Sasha is starting to throw tantrums again, I wonder if she’s started to seek attention because of the baby. She cries when she thinks she’s being scolded, even though it may be a simple reprimand or just a firm voice. She’ll say “I don’t want you to scold me” and even when we’re out, she’ll want to be carried and say she’s tired or lazy to walk. 
She’s still a cheeky little monkey though, had fun with a beanie Nick brought back from London.
Nat is maturing but starting to rebel as well. I keep reminding her not to waste water, especially now that we make them brush their teeth before they sleep, after drinking milk. But she’ll still turn the tap full blast and leave it running as she brushes. I keep threatening to deduct some of her savings and put it towards the utilities bill!

Ma found an old dress of mine that she’s been keeping these past 30 years and now Nat can wear it! Uncle Alvin also sent some Disney princess dresses from Darwin, and the girls were thrilled to receive them. 
Poor Nat has to re-pierce her ears down the road. She picked up an infection and after a couple of days of ‘airing’ her holes, she screamed when I tried to put back her earrings and we decided to leave it in the end. The left lobe was quite swollen and it’s going to take a few weeks for it to heal.

Mildred came over bright and early this morning to be the first to cut cake with Nat for her upcoming birthday…she insists that Nat do it with family first, rather than at her party with other kids around. She even had a post-it note stuck on her mirror for the last few months as a reminder to cut cake with Nat on 1st Feb!
This evening, I went to get my hair done and the kids came over to trim their hair too. It was Sasha’s first salon cut and she did quite well and vainly showed off her new locks. Gone are her curls but they’ll be back I’m sure. Did a shoulder length layered bob for Nat and we’re trying to grow her fringe but she was so self-conscious after the cut, thinking she looks ugly. I think it’s sassier, not so heavy for her little frame. 

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