February 8, 2013

Papa is 70

It was Papa’s 70th birthday yesterday and to celebrate we took him for dinner at Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel. Was going to use my Feed at Raffles card but Citibank were having a promotion and the discount was comparable.

It was just us, Aunty Susie, Mildred and Uncle Cyril. Kevin was out of town and the kids were fed an early dinner so they just munched on papadum and fruits. They were so restless, it was hard to eat in peace especially since we didn’t bring the helpers…they wanted to see the fountain, they wanted to use the loo, they just couldn’t sit still! 
The hotel provided a complimentary birthday cake and the wait staff walked out with it after dinner, singing as they approached the table. 
Food and variety was disappointing, I think there are far better Indian spreads out there for less, but I must say it was nice being at the grand ‘old dame and soaking in the colonial setting.
In other news…guess what? I collected my rock today! I know the last I mentioned was that Nick didn’t even want to consider it, but we worked out a compromise!

The morning after I had told him about it, he asked if I was ok as I was still snoozing in bed. I said I wasn’t ok because I was still thinking about the ring, haha.

Then he made an offer – that if he bought me the ring, no holiday for us (supposed to go Milan in April) and I immediately agreed. I could sacrifice a holiday since I was going to be fat and it wouldn’t have been much fun. Also, his other condition was that he kept the full baby bonus, which I also didn’t mind since I didn’t have a present for him in return.

That day, I went to the Larry at Ion to just check if there was anything else that appealed, and saw an emerald-cut solitaire with surrounding stones for less than 10K. But my heart was set on a cushion so we met at Paragon that evening for dinner and then went to Larry’s.

Tried on the ring again, and he was joking around with the staff. But it didn’t take much to persuade him, his only concern was that he didn’t have his chequebook with him but I happened to have it in my bag (sneaky!) and that was that!

In 15 mins he’d bought me the rock I’ve always wanted and I promise not to ask for any jewellery for the next 10 years! Oh, and here's a shot of me at 18 weeks...


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