February 3, 2013

Princess Natalie's 5th Birthday

The moment Nat has been waiting finally arrived…her Princess Party!

I might have gone a tad overboard with all the décor…can’t help it when buying online is so much cheaper! This was her invite and we had posters, banners, cupcake picks, centrepiece, tattoos, tablecloth, disposables, goodie bags all in the theme. Even the pasta and Pez dispensers!
Since I had the cupcake picks, I made cupcakes from scratch. The vanilla recipe I chose claimed to be the best online, but I didn’t like it, need to find a better one. I did find a good buttercream frosting recipe though and it was my first attempt at buttercream but quite happy with the results, must practice my piping though!
The Cinderella dress I had bought from eBay weeks ago for Nat arrived just in the nick of time, thank goodness it fit. Nick had bought some Cinderella accessories in London last week and she was all set to dazzle.

Gigi was dropped off earlier while Swana and Kevin helped me run errands. She was the Belle of the Ball with her yellow gown and matching gloves. Sasha too was so pleased to be Snow White, and the 3 of them made sure we took lots of pictures.
Caitlin and Bella were among the first to arrive, they came as Belle and Rapunzel respectively…so cute! Am glad all the little girls came dressed up, we must have more Princess parties so they get mileage out of their costumes!
Food was catered from Sakunthala’s, can’t go wrong there…mmmm, pepper mutton. I made pasta for the kids, with choice of tomato or cream-based sauce.

Before the cake cutting, we played a simple game of ‘Paste Cinderella in the Castle Window’ where the girls were blindfolded and the one whose Cinderella made it closest to the window won a prize. The winner was Mika.
Cake was from Bengawan, they have the whole range of Disney Princess cakes. We went with a chocolate sponge with Valrhona chocolate crunch, yums.
Nat chose to hide behind her sister during the cake-cutting, so shy that one…

After that we played a couple more games, ‘Musical Thrones’ and ’12 Dancing Princesses’ which is basically your usual musical chairs and statue dance.
Am glad everything went well, now I can put my feet up and start planning Sasha’s birthday. She wants Snow White but I’ll have to see about that!

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