February 4, 2013

Rock Shopping and Nat turns 5!

The munchkin officially turned 5 today and I had actually taken half day afternoon leave with the intention of doing something for her in school but she refused to let us come! She hates the limelight on her and insisted we not do anything for her in school, although Gigi did let on to the class last week her birthday was coming and they sang her a song.
Well, since she didn’t want me hanging around and she spent the afternoon in school, I made use of the opportunity to shop in town, with the purpose of finding my rock. Went to Tiffany’s, Lucky Plaza and Paragon, saw a few potentials but they were loose stones.

My dream ring is the Tiffany Legacy but the 1ct size H colour was going for over $18K. No way Nick would spend that much and I had to find something in the 8-10K range. My plan was to buy a loose cushion stone and replicate the Legacy setting but all the shops I went to had no loose cushions and Nick was uneasy about buying online from James Allen or Blue Nile though I feel they are legit.

H Sena also didn’t have anything in stock and their prices were on the high side but then I walked past Larry and saw they had some weekly specials, including a gorgeous cushion diamond ring. When I went into the shop and asked about cushions, they said they only had the one in the display. I knew the price was WAY, WAY over Nick’s budget, about double in fact but I was lost and in love!

Considering the specs and size i.e. G colour, VVS2, 1.44ct centre stone and surrounding diamonds I thought the price was a fair deal compared to all the Lee Hwas and Goldhearts which mark up exorbitantly then offer you 50% off. Plus it was bigger and cheaper than the Legacy ring I saw.
The salesperson Angela was really patient and a bad influence, lol. I promised her to talk to Nick, I was willing to top up whatever difference because I just wanted one solid ring and I would never bug him again. It’s meant to be for our 10th anniversary plus push present in advance so it’s 2-in-1.

Anyway, after Larry’s I met Nick to pick up our new helper, Geraldine….she seems really sweet so I hope we all get along!

We had another cake cutting for Nat, courtesy of Swana. She said she actually preferred this small celebration compared to a big party so I think next year, we’ll keep it small!
Happy Birthday Munchkin, Mummy loves you!

Anyway, I told Nick about the ring and received a flat out 'No'! Even if I offered to share, he didn't want to consider it! Bugger. 

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