March 1, 2013

A decade of marriage

Finally we have reached a decade of marriage and what a way to usher it in! Sasha started vomiting last night and as usual Nick didn’t hesitate to bring her to KKH. We were at the hospital till 4am plus, going through the usual drill of stomach flu monitoring i.e. anti-vomiting medicines, liquids at 15min intervals till she stops puking.
There were plans to have dinner at Mikuni and a brief staycation at Swissotel but all that got cancelled because we wanted to make sure Sasha was alright. She started having diarrhoea so everything is on hold.

I posted a picture of our wedding invite on FB, along with the following words:
10 years ago, this Hot Pink Chick walked down the aisle with her Mee Pok Man and they are still living happily ever after…well, most of the time anyway! Marriage is not without its challenges, especially when kids come along but as long 2 people remain committed and faithful to the vows they took, then the rest will work itself out.

To my Mee Pok Man, thank you for a decade of bliss, two beautiful girls and for providing for us. I know I drive you up the wall sometimes, as you do to me but I will always love you, come what may. Thank you for the new bling, you rock! Some of you might ask what I got him in return…nothing much actually. A son is his present! :-)

The Pumpkin just has a month to go before she turns 3 and for a 2 year old, I am impressed with her drawing. I can actually make out the shapes she draws, she favours a princess with a long gown and she can draw a smiley face. 
Just a couple of nights ago, Nat helped to set the dinner table, after being encouraged by Geraldine…I should make her do it everyday!

The kids are so into Disney princesses now, I don’t know when the phase will end! But at least Nat has forgotten about her bridal stuff.
They are always fighting, I have to constantly nag for them to clean up their room…they like to colour and draw while sitting on the floor and will leave scraps of paper everywhere! Nat is so into her scooter and she’s good at it too, she’ll zoom up and down the hallways throughout the day.
I try to make sure Nat has at least 10-11hrs of sleep a day. The ideal would be for her to sleep by 9.30pm and wake up 8.30am but it’s usually 10pm – 8am for her and Sasha, but at least Sasha gets to nap in the afternoons.

We’ve pinned down a bedtime routine i.e milk, story, brush teeth then sleep. They take turns choosing their bedtime story, sometimes when they don’t clean their mess, I withhold the story.
But they are good girls generally, very different personalities and it will be interesting to watch as they grow up. Not that I’m in a hurry for them to grow!

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