March 10, 2013

Back to the Music

It was a jam-packed day yesterday, I ambitiously booked 2 plays in one day. In the morning I brought Sasha to the National Library to catch ‘The Little Red Hen”.
It was her first official time watching a play and thankfully she behaved and didn’t give me any problems. We were in the circle section right in front of the railing though so she needed two booster seats but her view would have still been a little obscured.

The props were nice but I was personally disappointed a little by the production, especially because the accents were a bit local and the characters differentiated a little from the book i.e. a goose instead of a pig. But Sasha enjoyed it and that’s all that matters.

We were car-less this weekend because Paris was in the workshop with an air con issue so after the play we cabbed it to UE Square to meet Nick, Nat and Sasha for lunch. After lunch I had another play to catch with Nat, this time SRT’s ‘Goldilocks’.
This production was much more professional, the props were impressive for a children’s play, the songs catchy and the costumes were eye-catching. Nat thoroughly enjoyed the show and so did I!

In the evening I popped out to visit a wake…Phyllis’ dad succumbed to his cancer and I went to pay my respects, together with Serene and Basil. Took a long bus ride to Bukit Batok and going home I took the train.

Though I never expect people to give up their seats for me on public transport when pregnant, it’s still nice to be offered but the surprising thing about today was that both to/from Bukit Batok, no one offered me any.

In the bus on the way over, I did have a seat but gave it up to an old man and went to stand in the middle of the bus. Stood for a few bus stops before a priority seat became available and managed to sit all the way till my destination.

For the train ride home, all the priority seats were taken by able-bodied people and I stood near the middle pole throughout the journey. We have a long way to go before becoming more civic-minded!

At night, we made it to Noelle’s Back to the Music party at Gem Bar, Ann Siang Hill. This is the 3rd one she’s organised and the music was the kind that I can boogie to, but I didn’t boogie because I couldn’t drink and let go of my inhibitions!
She helped to reserve a table for our gang and there was Kaelash, Jeanette, Vinoth, Sophie, John, Flea and Kenny. Everyone loved the music and John was even high enough to do a MJ Billie Jean impersonation, lol! 
Bumped into Adrienne and Adrian, practically their whole family was there to support Noelle, along with a lot of Mischa’s friends I recognised.
It was a fun night, would love to go again the next time she organises it and hopefully I can drink by then!

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