March 31, 2013

Easter Feasting

It’s Easter Sunday and after checking out of the hotel, we headed straight to St Teresa’s for mass where we were joined by the Gomezes. Nat, Gigi and Sasha were running up and down the aisle but for the most part they behaved.
I think the service must have been either very moving or Geraldine was homesick because she was all teary during some of the hymns! I think probably both.

We didn’t make any prior lunch reservations and just headed towards town, winding up at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao in Taka since they had space. Never trust a hungry and preggy Swana to order, there was too much food!
In the evening, the Easter feasting continued with dinner at Ben’s house. He and Wendy splurged on wagyu steaks, yum. They also prepared Easter presents for the girls, as well as Sasha’s and Nick’s birthday presents which the kids had fun searching their bed for. 

For dessert, I served the cheesecake I baked yesterday, finally verdict time! Not as dry as I expected, it has the dense baked cheesecake texture but didn’t taste very Oreo-y. I liked the base but next time will search for a cookies and cream type recipe. But overall a success I think. 

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