March 9, 2013

Italian craving

One of my colleagues who is leaving treated some of the ladies to lunch yesterday. Tim is quitting his job to travel around the world for a year with his girlfriend…ain’t that grand? He’s not doing much of Europe since he hails from France, but he is planning to go Iran and Antartica!
We ended up at Spizza at Club Street, sharing some calamari, gnocchi, caprese salad and pizzas. I had my own panna cotta dessert but the chocolate mousse another colleague ordered looked and tasted really good!
They have kids meals available so since the girls love carbonara, will bring them one day.

The office is undergoing renovation and today was the last day to pack up everything. We took some shots at the reception before it undergoes a makeover.
This evening, or rather yesterday, I met Joanne, Adri and Susan for dinner….more Italian, this time at Peperoni Pizzeria at Frankel. Adri picked me up from home and we had to park quite far at Siglap Centre.
Joanne has been on crutches since before CNY after removing a benign tumour on her foot and I was finally just seeing her in her paralysed state.

Dinner was good, we shared risotto, pasta, meatballs and Ray was on hand to entertain, though he was mainly entertaining himself by colouring.

It was good to catch up with them, we keep saying we’ll do it more often but somehow with kids and work, the best laid plans always fall through.
We did end up adjourning to Joanne’s house for drinks and dessert, Adri and I tapaued some McDonalds and we chatted past midnight. Simple pleasures. I was glad for a girls’ night out, don’t think I’ve been out for a social dinner all of this year!

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