March 19, 2013

Journey comes to town

It’s Restaurant Week but I only managed to make it to one lunch and that was yesterday at Stellar, 1-Altitude. Went with Wai Leng, Cheryl and Phil, so Cheryl and I treated Phil as a farewell lunch.
The menu sounded promising, but portions were a little disappointing, depending on what you order. To start with, I went for the pan seared scallop with corn puree, quail egg, frisee and uni butter. Scallops were puny and the salad skimpy. Wai Leng who had the sushi and sashimi assortment had more on her plate.
For my main, I went with the grilled tiger prawns with capellini, sakura ebi and lobster jus. The prawns were quite charred but still moist on the inside, though Cheryl complained hers were uncooked. It was nice and I could have eaten double the portion but it was gone in no time!
My dessert was a banana pecan pudding with roasted rice ice-cream. The pudding was more like a dry cake but the ice-cream was interesting. By the end of the meal, I was still a tad hungry and had to buy a snack!

National Parks Board had set up some swings in Raffles Place to celebrate their anniversary and it was one big giant playground. Must bring the girls one day!
This evening Nick and I attended the Journey concert at the Indoor Stadium. This was part of my Xmas present to him and I suppose he enjoyed himself, even if Steve Perry was not lead singer.
The band have a Filipino replacement in the form of pint-sized Arnel Pineda whose rags to riches story is an inspiration. He went from singing in clubs to being spotted on You Tube and the rest is history! 
We had a pretty good view and there were about 6-7 songs I recognised like Open Arms, Faithfully, Only the Young, Any Way You Want It, Don’t Stop Believin’, Who’s Crying Now, the ones I didn’t were a bit of a bore. There was some drama at the end though, when a fan made it onstage and tried to thank the band for acknowledging a boy in the audience with cancer who had written to them but she was led away by security.
I just wish Bon Jovi would come…they are on tour this year but no Asian dates, bummer.

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