March 2, 2013

Jr at 21 weeks

We had a gynae visit this morning and the boy parked at Botanics. Exited at some unfamiliar part of the garden after he made me climb lots of stairs! But it did give me an idea to explore the surrounding area on our way back.

Dr Siow confirmed everything was going well, the detailed scan was normal, it’s all progressing on track. Doesn't it look like Jr is giving us the finger here?
He said I looked good and I suppose I feel good too. Despite it being a boy, I haven’t had any adverse symptoms so far, at least not in the second trimester.

My appetite has returned to normal, I don’t binge every 2 hours, I am ok with chicken and pork again and my nose is not swollen! People say I’m glowing and carry well etc but to me it’s just the same as when I had Nat and Sasha.

I do get cramps occasionally, I think they are just Braxton Hicks. The baby is starting to move and kick, sometimes I’ll have a sore spot. I look about 7 months instead of 5 and I’m feeling the weight more acutely. Doc says I only gained 4kgs but to me it’s more like 7, because I wasn’t at an ideal weight when the pregnancy was discovered.

Am super active, can’t sit still! I asked about travel and Nick instructed him to certify me fit to travel only until 30 March because he didn’t want me to go to Chengdu for a work event. Hmmpf.

After breakfast we went to the nearby Nassim CafĂ© for brunch. I had an eggs Benedict, found the Hollandaise sauce too sour and it was noisy and crowded…not likely to be back anytime soon, these kinds of places are deemed pretentious to the boy. But they did have good bread!
Once we walked back to Botanics, I made him walk around with me for a bit to search for the flowering Talipot palm that only flowers once towards the end of its lifespan and the tree we have is about 80 years old.
Also saw this other tree which had huge roots, I’m tiny standing in front of it!

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