March 20, 2013

Penang Day 1 (20 March 2013)

Here we are in Penang on our first holiday with the mummies, I suppose I have to be very patient the next few days with 2 kancheong spiders to deal with i.e Nick and Mildred!
We took an Air Asia flight this morning from Changi, it was on time and comfy. My first time trying them actually and for short flights I would take them again.
I sat with Sasha while Nick had Nat. The pumpkin was a tad nervous about flying and we managed to get an infant seat belt so she sat on my lap throughout. The meals I ordered were decent, at $5 they were better tasting than the Scoot meals to Taiwan and better value.

Nat is not allowed to wear nail polish but I did allow her to paste nail stickers for this trip, but they barely lasted an hour with no top coat.
The girls were excited to be in Penang, we have a storybook called ‘Paul Goes to Penang’ so I am trying to bring it to life for them. We had a driver named Norman who fetched us from the airport, he is going to be our driver for the next few days. Sasha power-napped in the van on the way over and did not fall back asleep again.

We are staying at the Shangri-La Golden Sands in Batu Ferringhi, I chose it only because it has a kids Adventure Zone with indoor playground in case we get stuck with bad weather.
Our adjoining rooms were not ready even though we arrived an hour past the 2pm check-in time. Had to wait about another hour for the room and killed time at the coffeehouse to have a proper lunch.
After unpacking, we headed down to the pool, the water was nice and warm. Ever since Sasha dunked herself in the Hard Rock pool, she’s developed a phobia of the water and it was so hard to persuade her to get in. She was content to just sit on the steps and dip her feet.
Nick tried to teach Nat some basic swimming moves, I think we need to find a pool to practice more regularly rather than only on holidays! She did try to kick and with a bit more practice I think she can be persuaded to tread water.
After showering and changing, we ventured outside the hotel in search of food. Settled on a restaurant called Malaysian Kitchen which was family-run by an Indian owner, and her husband was Dutch. They had a cute son named Aryan and I swear Sasha was flirting with him. She was all giggly when they talked and played, and even held his hand for a photo. 
The food was decent, nothing to shout about but considering the restaurant setting, it wasn’t expensive. I had goreng pisang with chocolate ice cream for dessert and that was a nice ending to the meal though…I miss the nasi padang that used to be at Asia Hotel, they had a lovely goreng pisang with sweet corn ice cream dessert…mmm.

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