March 21, 2013

Penang Day 2 (21 March 2013)

We had the buffet breakfast in the hotel and kway teow thng seems to be a popular dish, it’s what the kids had for breakfast. The Adventure Zone mascot Polly came round to say hello to the kids, but my chicken-hearted daughters didn’t go up to say hi.
The sightseeing officially began today. Norman came at 10 am to pick us up and our first stop was the Penang Butterfly Farm, which was relatively nearby. Hundreds of butterflies flitted around an aviary, they were literally everywhere. 
Nat was freaked out and didn’t want them to come anywhere near her. Sasha was a bit calmer, Ma put a hat on her so they wouldn’t come too close to her face. There was a particular B&W species which was abundant, one even landed on my hand.

Had a hard time spotting other varieties but I did see them.

There were some other exhibits to show the kids too, like ducks, iguanas, loggerhead turtles, giant millipedes and shield bugs.
From the butterfly farm, we made our way uphill to the Tropical Fruits Farm. It was either this or the Spice Garden and I thought fruits would be more interesting for the kids. Spotted three monkeys which the kids were looking forward to seeing, but they were not fast enough.

Was worried there would be a lot of walking and climbing uphill but luckily there was a van to bring us to a spot that had different trees within walking distance and there was a guide on hand to explain what was what. Luckily it was a little cloudy so despite being 12noon, it wasn’t hot. 

We saw avocado trees, passion fruit, dragon fruit, coffee beans, pineapples, soursop, cinnamon bark and nutmeg among others and at the end of the tour, we could redeem our tickets for a fruit buffet and fruit juice. Of all places I recognised my ex-classmate Nikki’s sister Nanette among the tourists.

It was past the girls’ lunchtime by then and though they snacked on Milo, cereal and fruit, Sasha was still queasy driving down the hill and puked into a bag. We decided to go to the nearest place for lunch and that ended up being the Hard Rock Café.

The girls were happy with their fish and chips, and ice cream and received balloons too. I enjoyed my chicken quesadilla. We invited Norman to lunch with us and the only downside about the restaurant was the stench of stale cigarette smoke.
Took a quick walk to check out the hotel pool. Colin and Debra and their boys happened to be in town the same time as us, they stayed at the Hard Rock. We tried to meet yesterday but it didn’t materialise and they departed this afternoon. Next time will consider staying at the Hard Rock, so much cooler!
There was a mosaic Beatles feature wall and when I told Nat it was The Beatles, she remarked, “Those aren’t beetles, they’re men!”
We snoozed in the afternoon and in the evening we took a taxi to Gurney Drive for RM$28. Ordered an assortment of food like Assam Laksa, Penang Char Kway Teow and kway teow thng but the laksa and fried kway teow were disappointing. Maybe we didn’t order from the right stalls. 

Managed to squeeze in an hour of shopping at the next door Gurney Plaza. Nick kindly took the kids off my hands and I grabbed whatever I could in the time I had. Only managed 3 pairs from Vincci, some rompers, bibs, undies, a skirt and cardigans for the girls.
I did get my mango dessert fix thanks to a Hui Lau Shan outlet though. Ordered some mango pudding and mango mochi to go, and had a sago, coconut, mango drink. Why can’t they come back to Singapore?

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