March 23, 2013

Penang Day 4 (23 March 2013)

And we are back!

Didn’t do much today because we were departing so after breakfast, we finally went to check out the Adventure Zone. 
It’s a huge indoor playground and Nick was the one running after the children because I was limited in what I could do.
The giant slides looked fun but Nat didn’t want to try because one had to use a gunny sack for the feet and bum to prevent ‘burns’ as the base of the slide is covered in a rough woven mat to bring the sliders to a stop.

They had about an hour of play before we had to check out of the room and then we walked next door to the Lone Pine Hotel for lunch.
The modern boutique hotel was serene and peaceful compared to the ruckus at Golden Sands. It was my first choice hotel actually but I wasn’t sure how kid-friendly it would be…good for couples though. 
Service was slow but the food was decent. Nick very much enjoyed his kiam chye duck soup and I had a grilled fish.

The bubs fell asleep on my lap en route to the airport…both of them!
They perked up at the airport and we had a mostly uneventful Jetstar flight (another first for me!) except for the bit where Nick raised his voice at the stewardess for not allowing Sasha to sit on his lap during takeoff. She was too old for an infant seatbelt but a senior crew member managed to persuade her to sit on her own. 

She did puke as we descended…poor bub’s ears hurt. Luckily Nick got away with putting her on his lap as by this point, the crew were already preparing for landing and buckled into their seats.

Ben and Wendy were on hand to welcome us back and we all went to Taste Paradise for dinner. Sasha was so reluctant to go home, she loves hotels and when she realised we were back at Spottiswoode, she burst into tears and kept saying “I want to stay in the hotel”. So spoiled they are!

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