March 16, 2013

Sarah is 6

Sarah celebrated her 6th birthday today together with her cousin Samuel who turned 4. The party was held at Flea’s sister Fiona’s place in River Valley, and there was a superhero theme. 
I had bought the girls Superman and Batman t-shirts but they refused to wear them so they will probably end up with Jr. Nick was sick and didn’t attend so I brought Geraldine with me.

There was a face painter onsite, she was good but as usual my daughters opted out. Fiona went all out with the props, there was a backdrop for the food and comic-type labels. Most of the kids present were dressed to the theme, so cute lah. There were a couple of Wonder Women, Buzz Lightyear, Flash Gordon, Spiderman and Superman etc. 
Nat took a while to warm up but when most guests left, she played with Flea’s nephews Samuel and Noah along with the likes to Sarah, Riley and Gigi. Kevin sent us home first so the kids could nap, but Swana stayed on with Gigi to play in the inflatable pool.
I suppose when junior comes along, I’ll need to start planning boy-themed parties…we can do superheroes, circus, pirates, football, Star Wars, military…there, I have 6 years of themes already!

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