March 15, 2013

So long Phil

Finally I can breathe easy at work, the market forum event that we have been preparing for ended today. We had about 113 delegates plus another 60 staff at the Rasa Sentosa Resort for the past couple of days and the perk of being the organiser is getting to stay onsite.
I had a nice panoramic room on the 10th floor, and there was even some welcome kueh in the room. Earlier in the week, Pops gave us a scare by getting admitted to SGH…he had congenital heart failure!
As we outsourced the logistics to a event company and a production company, and there were colleagues from the UK present to help run things, I didn’t have to run around like a headless chicken, and things were actually quite calm before and during the event.

My colleague Sarah came down from Beijing and we had a farewell lunch with Phil on the eve of the event. Yes, my boss is leaving and today was his last day…don’t know what the future holds for me! Nick also came to visit one of the nights.

The opening plenary of the event was quite impressive, by my standards anyway. In Jeju we did things quite simply, this time round the CEO and COO were present so it was a like a mini-version of the global forums we have in Europe and we paid a lot just for stage, lighting and sound etc.

There was a dinner last night at Pangaea but I think it was anti-climatic for the customers because truth be told, it was rather boring with no entertainment….just canap├ęs and food bowls in an exclusive club with no view! Food was slow and portions small so I think the customers expected more. This is what we get for changing things at the last minute!

I hope they hold next year’s event somewhere else, I vote for Bali!

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