April 7, 2013

Belated anniversary and advance birthday

The boy and I finally took some time off yesterday to celebrate the belated 10th anniversary and combined it with his upcoming birthday.

Redeemed one of the vouchers from the Feed at Raffles membership, entitling us to a free stay and I opted for Fairmont. We dropped the kids at Membina after Camellia’s party yesterday and checked in at 3pm.
Napped for a bit before we headed out to Novena Church so he could make his annual confession, then we popped by SGH so I could visit Pops, who got himself admitted yesterday after yet another breathless episode in the early morning. Nick drove him over to A&E and Swana took over to do the admission. I’m so thankful we all stay so near to SGH!

After SGH, we headed back to Fairmont but left the car at Odeon Towers overnight to save on parking. Dinner was at Mikuni, the Japanese restaurant and we were entitled to 50% so I indulged. The total bill was less than $120, one of the cheapest anniversary dinners we've had!

The boy ordered tempura udon (how boring!) whilst I opted for edamame, some king crab fried rice, ebi tempura and a tenderloin steak from the teppan counter. Service was generally attentive and friendly but the grumpy boy kept asking the staff to check on my dishes after his own arrived early.

We skipped dessert but they served a complimentary plate of sweet canap├ęs anyway. There was yuzu jelly, sakura mousse, red bean cake and chocolates.
As the shops at Raffles City were still open, he popped into Omega for a look. After browsing, he asked if I saw anything and I asked, “Are you gonna buy me a watch?” to which he replied that he already bought me a ring.

The sales guy overheard this and later complimented my ring and when I told him I owed Nick a present, he gave me his namecard and said to call him for a deal. Hmmm, we’ll see.

Kenny, Flea and John were actually in the building attending a wedding but we didn’t meet. Instead, we walked over to Chijmes to see what EPL matches were being screened, and bumped into his trade colleague Brent who complained that a joint called Bobby’s didn’t allow him and his wife to move their chairs around hence they were leaving.

But somehow me and Nick ended there anyway, despite the less than friendly service. I had a banana split for dessert and the boy ordered a Singapore Sling. We only watched the first half of Arsenal vs West Brom and then called it a night.

There was a flamenco festival also going on at Chijmes and the loud music obstructed his enjoyment of the match. 
Back in the room, I treated myself to a bubble bath, the shower gel provided in the room was puny so before dinner I had paid a visit to M&S to buy bath foam. Couldn’t help it, the tub was sooooo inviting.
This morning, he went to the cathedral for an early mass letting me sleep in and once he was back, we ventured to Toast Box for breakfast. I can’t remember the last time I had soft-boiled eggs, probably primary school. Since then, the thought of it has grossed me out but I made an exception today. Progress!
We were planning to pick the kids up for lunch in town but Nat seems to have caught a mild stomach bug, hence all plans were cancelled. At least she waited till after we enjoyed our night off!

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