April 6, 2013

Cammy is 2!

Adri invited us to Camellia’s 2nd birthday at Happy Willow, Fusionopolis today and Joanne and Rayhan came over first to hitch a ride. 
The playground isn’t as big as Amazonia or Polliwogs and more suited to younger kids. They have a couple of party rooms and Adri went with a Hello Kitty theme, which was unknown to me when I bought a Hello Kitty hat as part of Cammy’s pressie….so good choice on my part, ha ha.
Nick and Geraldine supervised Nat and Sasha while they played, then we opened ceremony with the lunch though not everything was ready but the children had worked up an appetite by then.

After lunch, the staff conducted a couple of games. As usual Nat sat them out, but Sasha joined in with Geraldine. Ray was very on, and was first to volunteer or raise his hand whenever they needed help.
Cake was a Hello Kitty concoction made by Joanne’s cousin Audrey…it was sweet but I nicely helped myself to 2 slices! The birthday girl was a little cranky towards the end, she’s so cute when she cries!

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