April 10, 2013

Closer to 40

The boy turned 39 today and age is really catching up with us. Not long ago I found at least 7 white hairs on my head, and he’s sporting a few too. But the thing that cracks me up is that his chest hair is turning white too, ha ha!

He had the day off from work while I worked from home. We only popped out at lunch time to Great World with Sasha, Mildred and Ma to have lunch at Jack’s Place. The Pumpkin wanted creamy pasta but there was none on the kids menu.
So I ordered her a bolognaise and requested the sauce on the side and added a creamy chicken soup to make my own creamy pasta. I swiped her bolognaise sauce for my baked potato – yum! Think I shall do this more often!

In the evening we went to collect food I ordered from Sakunthala’s and then stopped by SGH to collect the cake I ordered. The girls had suggested getting their dad a Transformers cake, they think he’s a big fan for some reason!
The kids hogged the candle blowing and cake-cutting as usual!
I was originally going to get him a pandan kaya cake but there was a pandan sponge option for the character cake so I went with that. Quite a refreshing change from the usual chocolate or vanilla sponge.
Happy birthday Nickypoo! I didn’t get him a present but deducted an amount from money he owes me…how romantic is that?

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