April 23, 2013

Drawing blood

Had an early morning visit to Gleneagles this morning to check on gestational diabetes…had to fast overnight and drink a sickeningly sweet orange fizzy drink and draw blood twice. Hopefully the results are normal!

Dr Siow was held up with an operation so we killed time by having lunch first rather than reschedule the appointment. Got to see Jr again, his face resembles Sasha’s from the ultrasound…looks like another chubby bubba. Am really curious what this one will turn out like, more like Nat or Sasha? Whose genes are stronger?
Apart from a penchant for Mexican, Italian and Japanese cuisine and constantly feeling hot, this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. There’s been the occasionally heartburn but mainly due to spicy food.

Stretch marks are starting to appear, mainly on the thighs and butt, uninterrupted sleep is a distant memory as a I wake up several times to pee or flip sides. I’ve gained about 10kg so far, I aim not to exceed 13.

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