April 29, 2013

Happy belated birthday Germs!

Splurged on lunch today in honour of Germaine’s belated birthday. Met JGR at Mikuni to capitalize on their 50% discount for up to 5 pax for FAR cardmembers, only on Sundays and Mondays.
We ordered different sets each, mine was a teppanyaki beef and ebi ougon sauce set.
Loved the creamy, cheesy sauce the prawns came covered in but I asked for my beef to be well done but it was still served pink and bloody in the middle and I had to send back a few pieces to be cooked further, but it was still a bit pink upon return.

Ordered additional tempura prawns, at half price or $17ish for 5, it was worth it. Was so stuffed after lunch!

Nickypoo scared the girls this evening with an outburst that involved shouting at Sasha and kicking down a fan. All because the little one refused to drink the milk he proffered, claiming it was too hot (and it was a whole hour earlier than her usual milk time!).

Daddy was in kancheong mode because he thought Sasha was sleep-deprived and he was determined to make her sleep early even though it wouldn’t have killed anybody to just wait 15 mins. Temper, temper…he’s just very irrational when it comes to their health!

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