April 28, 2013

Happy birthday Jayna!

Mildred stayed over last night after catching her and ma’s Mother’s Day pressie of a Julio Iglesias concert at RWS. We all went to church together followed by lunch in town, Geraldine was off today.
I had to collect the lucky draw prize from M1 and we ended up lunching at Fish & Co. Service was slow and they forgot Nick’s order so not likely to go back anytime soon.

In the afternoon while Sasha snoozed, Nick brought Nat to Cara’s 5th birthday party where there was a rainbow theme going on. Then they came back to pick us up for Jayna’s 3rd birthday at Aloha Loyang.

Ananya the Fashionista came with mismatched shoes deliberately, quite cool for a 4 year old!
There was a Barbie-theme going on and Jayna has grown so much…she’s missing out bonding with her cousins and friends here having moved to Sydney with Judy. Sasha, Diya, Reagan and her are all the same age.
Food was biryani, pretty good. There was supposed to be swimming involved but none of the other kids swam because the water was too cold. We saw a litter of kittens nearby the chalet, so cute.

It happened to be Mac’s birthday as well and he and Sajini made an appearance. Cake was from Aunty Yochana, so pretty. It was nice to see the Spicy Girls reunited! 

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