April 15, 2013


JJ is in town and together with Susan, Adri and Joanne, we had a quick catch-up over dinner at Tung Lok Signatures at Vivo this evening. Susan did the ordering and by the time I showed, they were almost finishing the meal.
JJ’s son Truman is just about 3 months older than Sasha but he’s quite independent and not afraid of strangers. JJ could eat in peace because Susan was entertaining him and also he entertained himself!
I was late because I had to pop by SGH to meet Pops’ doctor. This morning they said they could operate on him as fast as tomorrow so we just needed to understand the risks.

He has 4 blockages in his arteries including his old stent and also his valve is moderately blocked so the recommendation was valve replacement AND a bypass. Because of his stroke history and 2-in-1 operation, his risk is increased but we’re going ahead anyway. Otherwise the doctor is only next available in mid-May and Pops just wants to get it over and done with.

Last night I attempted chocolate macarons so I could use up my leftover ganache. Used this recipe for the shells and discovered my fine almond powder from ToTT had recently expired but I used it anyway! I threw away the balance which I regret now because I think it was still usable and the ones from Phoon Huat and Sun Lik are not so fine. 

The recipe only yielded me about 13 cookies because my disposable piping bag leaked, time to invest in proper icing bags!
I baked them in 2 batches, the first was very cracked, I need to control my oven settings better and also exercise some patience. Plus I think it helps to put double trays and not place the tray too close to the fan.

Such finicky creatures macarons are! The egg whites need to be beaten to just the right consistency, humidity plays a part, too hot an oven and you get cracks, etc etc.
The second tray fared slightly better, not as much cracks and both batches actually had ‘feet’, the hallmark of a proper macaron, yay! Am inspired to make more! Nat thinks I'm a goddess because I made macarons, she couldn't stop eating them!

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