April 20, 2013

Macarons - Take 3!

The macaron experimentation continued this morning. Same recipe again as last time but very different result from my second attempt which I didn’t bother blogging about because it was not up to the mark. I had doubled the volume and used Phoon Huat’s ‘extra fine almond meal’ out of the packet but it wasn’t fine enough resulting in pock marked macarons with no feet. Might have overfolded the meringue too.

For today, I stuck with the original recipe’s quantities, put my oven at 150 degrees celcius and used double trays, baked at around 12 mins each batch. For the almond meal, I sifted the entire packet I had and only used fine bits that made it through.

The result was smooth surfaces and feet! Yay! I think I could have afforded to leave them in the oven a couple more extra minutes to achieve a harder shell. The mini ones I made had a better, chewier texture and peeled off the baking paper more easily. But very pleased, now I can start experimenting with different flavours.

Had lunch at UE Square, the mommies brought the bubs for Goldilocks and it was round 2 for me, this time with Sasha. While we watched the show, Nick and Nat ran errands. I found today’s production not as energetic as the first one, maybe the actors are tired. The sound also was a bit muted.

After dinner at home, we brought the kids to Ion, I’d been wanting to check out Crate & Barrel since they opened. The store wasn’t as big as I anticipated and the selection limited. It was pricey but the girls had a good time rolling on the sofas and beds!

After they slept, Nick and I were peckish and went to Keppel for the Outram Road bak kut teh. Can you believe it’s the first time we’ve suppered there despite living so near? Had the mee suah instead of rice…and didn’t order any meat for myself, just stole a piece from him. There is one thing missing from their menu though – tau kee! 

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