April 24, 2013


Nat has been a bit of a fashionista of late, after she figured out how to pin a floral brooch on herself. Bought her a necklace on Sunday, similar to the one Ma bought Sasha on Nick’s birthday and she pairs them up on her nightie or whatever outfit she’s wearing for the day. My very own mini SJP!
Met Phil for lunch today, there was a new Mexican joint in the CBD I wanted to check out and he met me and another colleague there. It’s called MexOut at Pekin St and I’ve been thinking about tacos of late. It didn’t disappoint but a meal can come up to 20 bucks with chips and a drink, which is expensive considering it’s self-service and has a bit of fast food concept.
My corn tacos came in a set of 3, I could mix and match my meat fillings and toppings. So I had 2 chargrilled chicken and 1 with pulled pork. I also tried with 2 different salsas, the salsa fresca and the mango pineapple. The pork was a tad salty but I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, maybe because I had been thinking of tacos, but at least it didn’t disappoint. Mmmm, I think a return visit is in order.

Phil kindly walked me back to the office, helping to carry a goodie bag from Dean and Deluca that he bought for me to thank me for helping him over the past couple of years. How sweet! A very thoughtful gift because he knows I like cooking and in the bag was an assortment of spices, a packet of pasta, gummies, Dutch cocoa powder and an apron! Love it!

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