April 27, 2013

New toy!

Sasha woke me up so early that I decided to try out the instant wa ko kueh mix that I had. Made them in pink, purple and blue but the texture was a lot denser than the kind I am used too at the pasar malams…I think I will just stick with those.
Had to bribe the kids with sticker earrings to wear what I wanted…picked out turquoise outfits for them and they complied just so they could wear the earrings!
We headed to town for lunch, having arranged to meet Ben and Wendy at Ion. We got there first and made a reservation at Canton-I as a backup lunch option in case we couldn’t decide where to eat.

Had 20 mins to walk around, and we headed to Wisma for Cotton On and Gap. Showed Nat the latest Gap-DVF collection but she didn’t like anything except for a pink wrap dress so I guess I get to save money because I was eyeing a blue print romper and eyelet dress. Will wait for sale!

We ended up at Canton-I anyway because the other restaurants in the vicinity were crowded and though prices were a little on the high side for dim sum, the food was tasty.

After lunch we had time to jalan-jalan some more, I came across an M1-Samsung roadshow and I’ve been itching to get a new phone and so impulsively I ended up with a Samsung Galaxy SIII.
The promo price was $138 with plan, but after factoring my loyalty voucher and the micro SIM card, I paid about $125. There was an instant lucky draw too and I won a corning ware set, plus helped myself to the complimentary tubs of cotton candy and popcorn!

Spotted a yellow bird perched on a tree below our block upon our return, don’t know what kind it is.
The full moon this evening also had an orange glow, so hard to capture on camera without a tripod and my digital zoom is so blur!

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