April 13, 2013

Playground in the CBD

I caved and bought the boy a belated birthday present yesterday. Was out at Bras Basah with Jane and found a Kenneth Cole watch that matches a little the one he got for me for Christmas. Our first 'couple watches', ha ha. 
Remember the playground set up in Raffles Place I mentioned last month? This morning we brought the kids to experience the old-fashioned swings in the heart of the CBD, part of NParks 50th anniversary.
NParks staff were actually on hand to distribute flyers and document families out and about. They also had a booth dishing out free drinks and nostalgic biscuits, as well as stations inviting people to play with the old-fashioned toys like marbles, bubbles, tikam-tikam, aeroplane gliders and chapteh. Nick showed off his airplane assembly skills.

The girls had a ball trying out the different swings and so did I! Sasha hated the sand though and it was hard to get her on the see-saw.
Showed them the Singapore River after and then we headed to China Square for lunch at Hans.
Came home to find condensation droplets all over the fridge and luckily found a repairman who could come within an hour. Actually on Thursday the freezer was already not cold but I thought I had fixed it, but I was wrong! I bought 2 tubs of Haagen Dazs earlier in the week and they were ruined!

Scrambled to salvage whatever we could, we had a pot luck at Ajen and Vim’s this evening and I was supposed to bring a quiche and cupcakes, thankfully my ingredients were still usable.

It was a little crowded in the kitchen with me baking, 2 repairmen fixing the fridge and Geraldine cooking whatever was salvageable!

The chocolate orange cupcakes turned out well though, tried a new recipe from the internet and for once, my cupcakes were of even height and flat on top, just nice for decorating! The orange chocolate ganache frosting was so yummy, Nat couldn’t resist coming back for more. I even squeezed frosting directly into her mouth! I only substituted the Aero for canned oranges to top off the cupcakes.
The quiche had rave reviews, I do so love a good quiche and mine is pretty decent but not the most pretty crust. Need to work on that!
Ajen and Vim have sold their house so this is probably the last gathering there. The kids watched a screening of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child while the adults chatted away. Lovely evening, lovely day!

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