April 3, 2013

Rena's birthday lunch

Met JGR for lunch today as a belated birthday celebration for Rena. The birthday girl decided on Level 33 and we had a nice table by the window. The restaurant is starting to show signs of wear and tear but their lunch set is still decently-priced and portions generous.

We helped ourselves to the Ploughman’s table for the appetizers and each ordered a different main. 
Rena had fish and chips, Jane the fisherman’s pie, Germs a burger and me a meatball pasta. I hardly touched my meatballs though, the lamb in them was overpowering and gamey so I just ate the pasta only.
Dessert was back to the buffet, they had an assortment of fruits and pastries. It was a nice catch up session, I brought them some leftover Easter cookies and Germaine was also chatty, good to have her back to her normal temperament…she was quiet for a period of time. 

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