April 1, 2013

Sasha is 3!

The pumpkin is officially 3 years old, my baby is getting so big so fast and soon won’t be the baby of the family anymore!
At 3, my precocious little toddler fancies herself a Picasso, she keeps drawing a ‘princess’ – a head, some hair and a long, long gown but it’s actually quite clear that the drawing is of a girl so I am quite impressed. She is even starting to scribble some alphabets like N, O, S, A and H.

We’ve switched her to the Enfakid formula so now she and Nat drink the same thing. She’s been biting/sucking her fingers of late, am not sure whether it’s a habit or whether her molars are growing. I think she’s teething a little. She can brush her own teeth, but I still supervise as she has a tendency to eat the toothpaste on purpose.
She and Nat have dropped Snow White and Cinderella like hot bricks, it’s all about Barbie now! Geraldine has named them Barbie 3 and 1 respectively, Gigi is Barbie 2 and Lita is Barbecue! Lol.

As Sasha grows, she is getting more petulant and pouty. I know I should really nip it in the bud but she’s so cute when she’s angry! She’s reduced her tantrums but she likes to scold people or ‘jeling’ and is very selfish with her things. She’s quite stingy, she won’t share her biscuits or sweets, at most she gives you 1 measly piece.
She’s very particular with her pillows, must have them in their precise positions nightly and also when she flips her blanket, she’ll keep doing it over and over until it’s perfectly covering her and not crumpled in any corners….damn anal!

But she’s generally a happy-go-lucky child, her deep giggles are infectious, she loves to dance and has been ballerina-ing of late, she’s quite keen to pick up ballet I think. She also loves to sing so I think I should encourage that musical aspect.

Nat meanwhile likes to draw and colour but refuses to attend any kind of formal class to hone her skill, I think she could be quite an artist given the right direction. I’ve stopped her from calling Gigi on a daily basis, checking if her cousin is going to school…she’s very insecure without her but she’s adjusted to the no calling rule…at least until the next time Gigi ‘pontengs’!

I took leave today to spend the day with her. Mildred came over and after Nat left for school, me, Ma, Sasha and Mildred headed to Vivo for lunch at Shin Kushiya. I shared a tempura udon with Sasha and ordered her some kushiyaki to go along with it, she loved her ‘Japanese noodles’ as she calls it.
Had a gynae visit in the afternoon, no nice ultrasound to share but basically Jr is fine and growing well. Dr Siow estimates he’s about 1 kg now. Super active, am getting kicked left, right and centre. Really starting to feel the weight, I can’t walk as fast I as I used to and sometimes I even waddle!

Still no adverse symptoms of any kind, unless you count incontinence when I sneeze on a full bladder, lol! My stomach looks like 8 months when I am only 26 weeks. Sleep is getting uncomfortable though.

I’ve put on about 7-8 kg since the beginning so am only allowing myself 4 more. The weather has been so hot that I’m eating more ice cream (for the calcium of course!) but there are no cravings and really nothing that I don’t eat at the moment.

Picked up Nat and Gigi from school, I can’t believe Gigi wore this hairband all day!
Joanne and Rayhan popped by in the evening to join our home celebration. We had a simple dinner of chicken curry and bolognaise, I ordered Sasha a small vanilla lychee princess cake from Bengawan and she was a little confused because she thought her birthday was over and doesn’t know you can cut cake more than once!

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