April 26, 2013

So long Phil!

More than a month after he left, we finally had a farewell get-together for my ex-boss Phil. I only invited a few people and some of us shared in getting him a Nautica watch which I chose earlier this afternoon.
Drinks were at The Bank across the road and I indulged in one glass of sauvignon blanc.

Nick came to pick me up after the kids slept and we had supper at Lau Pa Sat. As we were walking home from our carpark, we discovered lots of snails in an area that we usually don’t spot them. There must have been at least 50 along the stretch of drain!
Pops was finally discharged yesterday and currently recuperating at Membina. On Sunday, they had to do an urgent op on him because while removing his drainage tube in the morning, it broke. By the afternoon a doctor had operated under LA to remove the tube which had shifted. They’d better not charge us for this extra procedure!

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