April 19, 2013

Two Face

Popped by the hospital with the boy and then we had dinner with the Gomezs at Two Face Pizza and Taproom. I was in a pasta mood and been meaning to check out the place which is just behind the now-closed Prata Paradise at Tiong Bahru.

They were packed but I managed to get a table near the kitchen and eventually moved when a better table became available. The concept is simple, by day it’s a coffeeshop serving mee pok and yong tau fu and at night a chilled out pizza and beer joint that seems to be drawing a very yuppie crowd, hence the name Two Face I suppose.
Waiting times were long and they only accept cash or Nets. While waiting for everyone, I ordered some calamari, fries with pork belly and margherita pizza to share. It took at least 30 mins for the food to arrive, though drinks were fast.

Calamari was ok, the batter did not stick to the squid though. The pork belly was nice and crisp and the maple mayo dressing somehow worked. Pizza was disappointing, too much cheese and the crust thick. We ended up tapauing most of it. 

I had a daily special which was a crayfish angel hair pasta. The crayfish was small-ish, there were 3 half pieces but it sated my pasta craving. Swana’s carbonara was a bit dry and tasted like there was too much parmesan, the powdery kind you add to pizza.
Overall decent food, but not cheap considering the coffeeshop environs. My boy categorises it as yet another pretentious place, I won’t be back in a hurry…there are just too many new places to try these days and there really wasn’t a standout dish that would make me come back. But now I can say, been there, done that!

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