May 23, 2013

Bonsoir! Welcome to Poulet!

It’s Geraldine’s 40th birthday tomorrow and instead of having Sunday off, I gave her the option of not working on her birthday since it is also a public holiday for Vesak Day.

So we celebrated today instead by checking out Poulet at Vivocity. It’s a French chicken restaurant run by the same people at Thai Express and they have been opening branches all over.
Food is not bad and not overly expensive, a lot of rich creamy sauces involved…mmmm. The staff keep repeating, 'Bonsoir, welcome to Poulet' whenever a new customer comes in and the kids have picked it up!
Nick is away in Switzerland, and Kavi, Aunty Gowrie and Ananya joined us. After dinner, I got the staff to stick a candle in the tiramisu I ordered and that was Geraldine’s birthday cake. 
Hope she feels more settled in now, it’s obvious that she is not so used to the rigours of being a domestic helper, she comes from a middle-class family but financial circumstances forced her to come out and work.

The kids are comfy with her and I can see she tries her best. We’re still adapting to each other but I am generally happy with her work but I do wish she would be firmer with the kids, she’s too soft with them even when they have done something wrong!

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