May 19, 2013

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

After mass today, we met Mildred for lunch at Szechuan Kitchen at Fairmont. They have some cheap lunch sets, starting from 13++ which gets you 4 courses.

In this instance, I had a prawn dumpling appetizer, soup of the day which was a full portion size, the main was a mini dry noodle tossed with minced chicken and for dessert, it was another generous portion of mango pudding. Pretty good value eh?

The FAR card discount is not applicable on the set lunch but we did save a bit on the ala carte dimsum we ordered.

In the afternoon, I finally tried replicating Aunty Lee Eng’s yummy carrot cake which she has been making for years. She kindly shared the recipe with me and for a first attempt, the result was pretty close to hers but I think I need some finetuning.
For starters, the wholemeal flour I bought was very coarse which resulted in a grainy bite. Also, I wasn’t sure whether the grated carrot weight included the juice or not and I decided to strain mine which may have contributed to some dryness. The recipe did not include any vanilla essence which made it taste a little eggy to me, so next time I will try adding that.

The recipe is actually for one big loaf of cake, they didn’t specify the tin size but I thought it was a lot of batter for one cake so I split mine into a dozen cupcakes and 2 small loaves and reduced the baking time to 18-20 mins for the cupcakes and 35-40 mins for the small loaves.
Overall, I got rave reviews so this will be my go to carrot cake recipe from now on. I found carrot-shaped gummies at Sun Lik and they were the perfect decoration for the cakes.

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