May 4, 2013

Germ's flea market

Germaine and Joanne had plans to sell stuff as part of a flea market at Germaine’s office today but plans went awry due to miscommunication and the two fell out before the event started! Nonetheless, Germaine proceeded with her event and I went to kaypoh since it was just in the neighbourhood at Kampong Bahru.
I brought some stuff to display including a Prada bag and her friend bought $20 worth of tops from me, which I channelled back into buying some stuff from Germs, lol. Nat was with me and she was soooooo clingy.

She was so emo last weekend when Nick accidentally threw away Gigi’s science experiment…they had been growing towgay in school in Yakult bottles. Gigi’s one had turned mouldy and Nick threw it in the bin.

When Nat found out, she was worried Gigi would get in trouble and cried before sleeping. So me and Nick made a new one for Gigi, borrowing some sprouts from Nat’s bottle and tried to make it look as close to the original but we only had a Vitagen bottle and I had to find a sticker label. But all’s well that ends well and since then, we grew some of our own sprouts at home to show her the cycle since hers didn’t thrive either.
In the evening we went to Membina for dinner, to meet Judy and Jayna one more time before they headed back to Sydney. Left the bubs with the grandmas and maids and the cousins had a tzechar dinner at the coffeeshop downstairs. The food was surprisingly decent and the girls had a ball blowing bubbles when we got back. 

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