May 1, 2013

Labour Day

Surprisingly managed to wake up early today, despite catching Ironman 3 the night before at I12 Katong. Kevin even showed up in an Ironman tee! After the movie, the boy had supper at the Hong Kong restaurant next door before we joined the rest for a drink at Chevy’s. 
It was a public holiday today so we decided to head to Hort Park to feed the fish and let the kids scoot around after breakfast. The Gomezs joined us midway and the 2 older girls had fun scooting around and making use of the playground. 
The park was quite crowded especially at the back area where we parked ourselves. Nick played ball with Sasha and the 2 preggie women sweltered under the heat. 

We took ages to decide on where to lunch and ended up at Waraku @ Central. It was quite deserted and we got a booth seat where we could enjoy the view of Clarke Quay.

The kids ordered from the kids menu, their sets are pretty worth it with noodles, salad, fries, tempura, juice and ice cream plus a toy! Nat and Sasha relished their noodles and I joked that they were ready for a Japanese holiday!
I was pleased with my choice of tonkatsu ramen with tempura…the best of both worlds when I can’t decide between tempura udon or tonkatsu ramen! Came in a huge bowl!

Sasha is 3 years and 1 month today. She’s getting really good at her drawing, I’m impressed at the standard considering she just turned 3 and doesn’t go to school yet. She drew this girl with star and bird and cloud recently.
We’ve also concluded on our own that she has food colouring allergies. Every time she eats stuff like Smarties or jellybeans, gummies, especially at night, she will cough and produce phlegm when she’s perfectly well and wheeze a little too. Even her behaviour gets a little erratic and unreasonable.

So for now, we’ve decided to eliminate artificial colouring from her diet…I have to check food labels for natural colouring and we’ve told her she can’t have coloured sweets either and she seems to understand. But chocolate. ice cream, popcorn and natural coloured sweets are fine so she leans towards chocolate stuff now.

Apparently there’s no conclusive test for colouring allergies and I wanted to experiment on a day when she was well to test for reactions but Nick wouldn’t let me. For the moment we will just assume she is.

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