May 17, 2013

Ladies Night

It was a ladies night as I caught up with Vig, Puni, Chris and Kannaki at Café Iguana’s for dinner and drinks. Vig is back in town, possibly for good so we had ourselves some fajitas, quesadillas and margaritas…another phase I am going through i.e. texmex food!
Was disappointed with the pork tacos I ordered though, the pork was rubbery and tough, unlike the pulled pork at MexOut which was really tender. I limited myself to one margarita and by the end of the meal we were so stuffed…we over-ordered!
It was great seeing the gals, we found out the sex of Chris’ baby! She’s due in Oct and she’s having a boy! Koko Krunch will have another playmate! Now that Vig is back, I hope we get to catch up more often.

Before I met them though, I walked to Chinatown to pick up my new glasses that I made earlier in the week. A pair of Betsey Johnson cats eye frames…nice or not?

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