May 26, 2013

Lights, camera, action...again!

Kavi held an emergency recording session today for Zoom Zim Zam, some of her other recorded clips for the alphabet sounds could not be used because the kids’ clothes didn’t stand out on the green screen.

So she rounded up her nieces to help record more alphabet sounds for the final remaining alphabets and I can’t wait to see Nat and Sasha on TV again. They were practicing their XYZs at home but when it came time for their close-ups, only Sasha was not shy. 
She was quite enthusiastic in saying her phonic sounds and what the alphabets stood for while Nat was soooooo super shy and kept mumbling and looking down. She was so self-conscious because of other people in the room. Once they had contributed their bit, we went to Marina Square for lunch at the food court.

Nick had come back yesterday but before he arrived, the girls and I had whiled the time away in Membina, everyone dressed in rainbow colours.

Had impromptu supper with Swana and Kevin at Sin Hoi Sai, coincidentally both boys wore orange Holland t-shirts. There was a slight commotion when a large group of diners came in midway through our meal, apparently there was a celebrity among them.
We found out later it was Richie Ren. I didn’t recognise him with his dreadlocks but I have hummed along to his songs in karaoke sessions!

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