May 18, 2013

Malaysian Food Street finally

Some of the Spicy Girls went to watch a Charlotte’s Web play today but I opted to give it a miss, especially since the spider dies and I wasn’t impressed by the website of the production company.

Instead, Kaelash and Jeanette came over with Riley and Reagan and I made mac ‘n’ cheese from scratch for the kids. Was trying out yet another internet recipe, it was very creamy and rich and had a number of steps so I might try to search for a simpler recipe.

I did like the idea of breadcrumbs as a topping however but they got pretty oily mixed with all that cheese in the oven…didn’t help that I didn’t notice a stray plastic measuring cup in the oven before turning it on and it melted…hope the kids don’t suffer any ill effects from the melted plastic smell in their food. 

Reagan and Sasha got on swimmingly, pretending to be mommies to the dolls and putting them to sleep. They had their own secret conversations, too cute.
In the evening, we ventured to Sentosa for dinner with the Gomezs. We had thought about McDonalds at the Beach Station, but there was some immigration event that had just ended and the place was just too crowded.

So we drove to RWS instead and winded up at the Malaysian Food Street. Took a while to find a table, luckily the kids had already eaten at home. I have been wanting to try this place for the longest time and finally got my chance….had to order an assortment of dishes to try because I don’t know when I will be back!

I had me some assam laksa and prawn mee which I shared with Swana and when I was done, I queued up for the Penang char kway teow which was a lot better than the char kway teows I had in Penang!
The girls went wild in Candylicious after that, I allowed them one packet of naturally coloured Sunkist gummies each. Simple day, simple pleasures. 

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