May 12, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the whole family including the in-laws had lunch together at Sheraton yesterday. Even though Pops is still recovering from his op, he felt well enough to come out too. Nat made a card in school for me earlier in the week...awww. 


The spread wasn’t much, but most dishes were tasty. I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat much since my stomach is high up in my chest these days but I nicely whacked the crayfish, and even added it to my laksa.
The kids at least had the artificial waterfall to entertain them and they indulged in the dessert spread. I indulged too, helping myself to the warm chocolate cake, pastries and a big bowl of durian pengat….mmm.
In the evening, we headed to Chai Chee for dinner for another mini Mother’s Day celebration, mainly for Aunty Gowrie and Ma. Kaelash tapau-ed biryani and the cousins got to chat while the bubs played. I contributed some sago gula melaka, been going through a phase of late!

Today was the actual Mother’s Day and after mass we ended up at NYDC at Wheelock because the girls wanted to eat what else but creamy pasta! I must say the NYDC carbonara is yummy and they enjoyed their chocolate ice cream dessert that came with fish-shaped chocolate chips. I wonder what brand it is.

Dinner was at Membina but before that, we brought the kids to Tiong Bahru Park to feed the fish and scoot. The girls had a chance to do the zip line in the playground and a good time was had by all, but it was sooooo hot. 

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