May 6, 2013


Thwarted! Went all the way to Katong during lunchtime in the hopes of picking up some apom berkuah and coconut candy from Glory but they were closed! My only consolation was indulging in a bowl of 328 Katong Laksa.
Yesterday after mass we headed to town and had lunch at Island CafĂ© in Tangs. While the kids enjoyed their fish and chips, I had me some carbonara…it was quite decent! Am in a creamy pasta mood these days, influenced by the kids who now request it once a week! 
It’s such a small world because midway through lunch, Nick spotted a Trafalgar colleague who is actually based in Sydney. She had come down to Singapore for some travel agent meetings and had brought her mum with her and they were spending the day shopping.

As we were leaving the restaurant, one of the chefs approached me…his name was Alvin and he’s the assistant executive chef I think. He remembered me from Violet Oon days, because we did meet a couple of times when he helped out Violet in the kitchen.

In the evening we had dinner at AMK but before that made a pitstop to visit Amah in her nursing home. Feel so bad, we hardly see her now because she’s in the home. Need to make it a point to go more often, if not the whole family, then at least Nick needs to find some time. 

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