May 9, 2013


The kids had no school today because the morning session had an excursion so I took the day off and brought them to the Tulipmania display at Gardens by the Bay.
I was quite psyched to see the tulips but it was a bit anti-climatic because there were a lot of patches of just bulbs that hadn’t bloomed…I think the crew replant new rows every few days so not everything blooms together. I was expecting to see row upon row of colourful tulips not green gaps in between.
Nevertheless the girls had fun monkeying around, though Nat remarked that she would like to go to Holland to see the real thing!
Lunch was at the Supertree Grove, there was a lunchtime special at some of the stalls and we opted for local food…big mistake. Service was slow and the food was even slower, with a waiting time of up to 30 mins or more. Ordered hor fun for the girls but their order came last so we just fed them from whatever dishes came first.

After Sasha’s nap we baked gingerbread men cookies, as requested by Gigi. Since we have ascertained that Sasha might be allergic to artificial food colouring, I used chocolate chips to decorate her cookies.

This girl never ceases to amaze me, she’s already trying to spell her name on the doodle board and can write a few alphabets after practicing on her own without help from anyone! 

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