June 16, 2013

Father's Day

It was Father’s Day today but we had no special plans. Nat had made him a tiny card and ‘the girls’ gifted him with a mug from Typo I had bought over Xmas time. At least he got a gift, I got nothing on Mother’s Day! Only the 'Keep Calm' part of the mug applies to Nick, lol!
We wound up at Lerk Thai in Centrepoint for lunch, the girls loved their kids meal comprising of fried noodles and fish nuggets, spring roll, mango juice and Thai dessert. I just shared in Nick’s and Ma’s set lunches because there was enough to go around. 
Bought a car seat from Robinsons, something to check off the list. Just need a mattress for the playpen and we’re done I think. I am still in 2 minds about getting a new stroller, the boy will just have to deal with Lulu Guinness!

Dinner was with the in-laws at Crystal Café, Killiney. It has been years since we ate their Teochew Porridge buffet as a family and it was just like old times. Food was good, am sure we’ll be back soon instead of waiting another few years.

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