June 2, 2013

Get well soon my bubba

Nat is down with a high fever, we spent several hours at KKH last night when she couldn’t hold down anything, even her paracetamol when the fever exceeded 39 deg celcius. 
Poor girl was slightly dehydrated according to the doc and instead of the electrolyte solution being given over 1 hr, we had to complete 2 hours before we could go home.

She had seemed fine during the day so the fever was quite sudden. We had taken a bus to town while Nick brought Sasha for a developmental check at the polyclinic. Lunch was at Wheelock’s NYDC and she even posed for photos near the fountain. 
After that she followed me to the Baby Fair at Expo, she was thrilled to take the train but in the late afternoon she felt tired and looked a little blah, and by the time we got home, she opted to nap instead of having her dinner and then she started puking.
Her fever has been pretty high throughout today but no other symptoms so far…Nick is paranoid about dengue and I had a slight scare just now when her fever spiked to 40 degs along with blotchy arms, racing heart, cold hands and feet etc making me a little paranoid about meningitis.

But the ibuprofen has finally kicked in and I can breathe easy for now because at one point she woke up, smiled at me and mouthed L-O-V-E. Aww, my sweet little munchkin.

So far Sasha hasn’t caught anything and I hope it stays that way. She’s so eager to learn this one! Mummy has been teaching them to count in Malay and she can go up to almost 20. She can spell a few words like cat, dog, pig, cow, egg and whatever Nat is learning, she wants in too, so in a way it’s good, I kill 2 birds with one stone.
She really likes to draw fairies and princesses, she holds the pen awkwardly but it gets done in the end. She can draw her shapes from circle, square, triangle and write some letters and draw a flower too, so I would say she’s got fine motor skills.

At her developmental check yesterday, she’s apparently tall for her age and her weight is about 15.5kg. She’s starting to go to the toilet on her own, as she can now hoist herself up on the toilet bowl but she still asks for help to fold/tuck her dress so she doesn’t soil it.

I still need to do something about her temper. Anytime she feels someone is laughing at her or just raises their voice a bit, she storms off. She’s aware of her colouring allergies and now sticks to chocolate on her own free will unless I tell her something is safe.

She’s very attached to her small koala stuffed toy when she sleeps for some reason, it’s a new development and she’ll even wake up in the middle of the night looking for Koala if she can’t feel it within reach!
As for Nat, school holidays have started and a few days ago we had a parent-teacher meeting at her school with her teachers Mrs Koh and Lu-laoshi. She's diligent and well-behaved but they also notice her shyness and self-consciousness and sensitiveness when told not to do something. She refrains from answering questions even if she might know the answer and never volunteers to present in front of her classmates. 
They said she didn't like PE for a spell, but now she enjoys it...she gets upset when coaches change. Her handwriting is neat and they say she is good in her drawing, which we concur. She and Gigi are separated in class otherwise they would be chatting away. 

A couple of weeks ago Nat asked me if boys could kiss girls, apparently she had a Filipino classmate named Gian who had a crush on her and was very affectionate. I asked the teachers about the situation and they say he has moved on, LOL. But they had told the boy not to disturb her. 

Her Chinese is slightly better than Gigi's so they think she is doing alright. They are not too concerned that she doesn't read proper sentences yet, as they have yet to introduce 'blending' so I don't need to be kiasu and push her just yet. My target is end of the year.

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