June 22, 2013

Haze Daze

The haze is back! We’ve been inundated by poor air quality over the past week and on Wednesday while out at lunch at MBFC, I could not even see the Conrad/Suntec buildings.
This is the worst bout of high PSI since 1997 and just as well I was working from home on Thursday and Friday when PSI readings hit the very unhealthy and even hazardous range. Our windows were shut, we hung wet cloths over them to block out the fine particles and the girls were so bored cooped up at home.

We braved the haze to visit Dr Siow on Thursday morning, I did some heart monitoring for 20 mins, it’s all good. Koko Krunch looks really cramped up in there, and now weighs about 3kg…he’s gonna be a fatty!

Singaporeans have gone on a purifier-buying binge, including Nick who spent a small fortune on an ionizer/purifier yesterday. And he just happened to step into the house right after Sasha had striked Nat’s face with a plastic high heel and we were in a state of chaos with screaming children!

This was the view yesterday morning when the PSI was above 300 and below was taken this afternoon. What a difference a day makes!
Since the sky was clearer today, Nick brought Nat out for Monsters University and after the show, the Gomezs and Kaelashs came over. I made mac and cheese for the kids but they didn’t appreciate it….ha, they like the Kenny Rogers version!

Did I mention the boy got promoted at the beginning of this month? Robin has retired and is now non-executive Chairman while Nick has assumed the President, Asia role for TravCorp. This has led to him being in the news a little more and this morning there was an article in Malaysia’s The Star and there was a pix of me too! 

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