June 9, 2013

Mamma Mia!

Was a bit ambitious today, attempting to sell some dresses at Germaine’s flea market in the afternoon and also committing to cook dinner for the in-laws.

Nick and I went to market and ran errands in the morning to get some ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes and basil, and I did show at the flea market for a couple of hours and managed to sell 3 dresses for $40. One of Germs’ friends then followed me home to take a look at some other dresses and she bought another one for $40. So I eventually made about $88 for just a couple of hours effort.

Once I settled the sale, I went about preparing dinner for the in-laws. I had promised an Italian dinner of caprese salad, hearty soup, pizza and tiramisu. I had made the tiramisu last night so at least one thing was settled.

Then I went about making the dough, but couldn’t find canned pizza sauce and had to improvise. In between I made the soup, then assembled the pizza and salad and there we have it, my Italian dinner!
Actually the real reason I proposed Italian was because I had a few ingredients that were about to expire like the mozzarella, mascarpone and tomato puree…ssshhh!

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