June 12, 2013


It’s that time of the year for dumplings and I placed an order for nonya chang as per last year with Aunty Irene. She is still estranged from Ma, so had to go via Baba, But it’s worth it…I haven’t really tried outside ones but who needs to when hers is pretty high standard?
And the bonus is the blue bits of bunga telan-dyed glutinous rice. Ah, I recall a time when she would make me full blue chang…

This evening, I met some of my SHATEC classmates after a very long time, probably not seen some of them for over 10 years. It was quite an impromptu gathering. After meeting Calisa with JGR a few weeks back, we set up a Watsapp chat group and invited some of the people we used to hang with or were closer to.

Met Jane after work first, we shopped a bit at H&M then had dinner at Everything with Fries before heading to Tanuki at Orchard Central.

There we about 10 of us in total. Aside from JGR, there was Rebecca who runs operations at Haato the gelato store; Sophia who does payroll for MNCs, Calisa who works at Agoda, Brandon who does something comic book or AV-related, Josephine who lives in Everton and does audio and Douglas who does corporate sales at OCBC.
Everyone more or less looks the same and they are still as zany and full of nonsense as ever! We exchanged stories on kids, I think all the ladies who were present were mothers except for Germaine, we reminisced and joked and some of them were so surprised to even find out Jane was a mother of 2!

It was a good catch-up, I think another gathering is on the cards for 28 June but I doubt I will make it. There is a SHATEC 30th anniversary dinner coming up on 2 July as well which some of them are considering attending. Nick is supposed to attend as a committee member and he bought a table for his office too but it all depends on Koko Krunch!

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