June 11, 2013

Songbird Cheryl

Cousin Cheryl from KL had a performance this evening at the Sultan Jazz Club and so we popped by to support. Nick and I got there earlier and seated ourselves next to Lim Yu Beng and Glenda Chong only to realise the jazz bar wasn’t open yet and we were not in the performance venue. 
The Gomezs joined shortly and then the jazz club was opened. John made his way too and we ordered some bar food to nibble on. I must say the bacon-wrapped sausages were yum. 
Cheryl did her thing and she was good but I found the other musicians a bit self-indulgent as they rambled on with their guitar or drum for long spells.
Nick wasn’t too impressed though, maybe because the songs played were not all recognisable classics nor soothing but there were some good moments. She’s just starting out so she’s still finding her feet. She’ll be back at the Esplanade in July for some free concerts by the promenade, with a Disney theme but I think I will have to give the shows a miss…Junior will most definitely be out by then!

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