June 15, 2013

Testing the new toy

Had a gynae appointment today, brought forward from Tuesday because he had an op scheduled so since Swana was seeing him today, we gatecrashed.

Before that though, we took the kids to Botanics to scoot and feed fish. I brought my new camera out for the first time and managed a couple of decent shots at the park including Nick with his 2 princesses, just in time for Father’s Day tomorrow. 
All 3 kids were present during both consultations and got to see Tiny and Koko Krunch on the ultrasounds. Koko Krunch is all good, approximate weight now is 2.7kg. We made Dr Siow pose with the 3 bubs whom he delivered, he said they were all so pretty.
Lunch was at Brunetti’s at Tanglin Mall…so Italian, was drawn by the range of pastries on display. Had a mushroom risotto, the rice was a bit overcooked but the flavours were nice. The kids had mac and cheese and creamy penne and we shared a few desserts.
Sasha really enjoyed a chocolate ganache cookie I bought her and flaunted her ‘witch’ teeth. She did the same thing at dinner at Hans, when she got vegetables stuck on her teeth, such a clown! Bought some Fragrance bakkwa after dinner…on sale at 50% so it was $12.50 for 500gm…so cheap! Another craving to check off the list!

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